Now in its 7th generation the BMW 5 Series Sedan has already redefined the business segment. In its latest form it brings automated driving and enhanced connectivity to the fore, in one dynamic package. There are a million reasons to drive the BMW 5 Series, but we’ll start with the top 5.

#1: Semi-Autonomous Driving

The BMW 5 Series practically drives itself, with a range of future-facing features that are designed to make each drive more enjoyable than the last. Unwind in traffic or on the open road and let Driver Assist features like Active Steering and Lane Keeping Assist do all the work. The latest-generation BMW 5 Series is equipped enough to allow you to focus only on what matters – Sheer Driving Pleasure.

Driving the BMW 5 Series

#2: Intuitive operation

Operation of the BMW 5 Series is as intuitive as it is advanced. BMW Gesture Control for example puts everything from navigation to entertainment in your effortless control, while the optional Remote 3D View allows you to call up three-dimensional views of the area around your car via your smartphone while on the move.

#3: Built for business

Being ahead in the rat race means being connected to the pulse at all times. The BMW 5 Series is therefore, one of the most connected vehicles in the BMW range. BMW Connected acts as your personal assistant, providing a seamless connection between your smartphone, car and yourself. With the addition of Microsoft Exchange, you can also drive your office with you as you have the ability to sync emails, calendar entries and contacts plus edit them in your car.

BMW 5 Series navigation

#4: Sleek by design

Thanks to BMW EfficientLightweight design and the use of aluminium and high strength steels, the BMW 5 Series is up to 100 kgs lighter than its predecessor. Its newly designed chassis combined with a low centre of gravity gives the impression of a vehicle that is as sure of itself as it is daring. The marked increase in aerodynamics is evident in the design and drive feel, not to mention fuel economy.

Sleek by design

#5: Because you want to

The business athlete is not for the faint hearted, and as every BMW 5 Series owner will tell you, it stands firmly apart in its segment. But with different financing options, including BMW Select Finance which carries a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), driving the BMW 5 Series is less of a dream and more of a decision. The only thing left to do is make it.

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