BMW Group celebrates its centenary this year. For BMW South Africa, it’s a chance to look back at the heritage of BMW and the future that lies ahead. And what better way to celebrate the journey than through the eyes of one of BMW’s most steadfast followers?

During a recent interview on 702, Managing Director of BMW Group South Africa, Mr. Tim Abbot spoke about 100 years of BMW. He also touched on the role that BMW fans have played in making the brand so iconic.

One such fan is Mr. Jack Acar, whose passion for BMW was sparked over 70 years ago. We’re glad to be able to share his story, below:

“My first sight of a BMW motor car was in 1945. The engineering company where I served my apprenticeship was owned by a German family who immigrated to South Africa in 1935. The owner of this car was Helmut Lasch, who was my boss. As a youngster I fell in love with this car. As a point of interest, one of Helmut Lasch’s daughters married into the Oppenheimer family.

During 1971 there were no BMW dealers in Johannesburg but there were two BMW motor cars for sale advertised by Currie Motors in Eloff Street. I purchased one of them which proved to be one of the finest cars I had ever driven.

I was overseas in l973 and ’74 where I saw the new generation of BMW’s and in l975 I purchased a 520 automatic and a 525 manual. Since then I have purchased many BMW
motor cars for myself and my family. We had the misfortune of having a 518i stolen and in 2002 my wife was hijacked on our driveway for her 325i BMW.

These events have not changed my choice of motor car. I am now 87 years old and our family car, driven these days by my wife, is a 323Ci exclusive.”

In his letter, Mr. Jack Acar also mentioned his collection of over 50 BMW Magazines, which are all in pristine condition. He has very generously offered them to any collectors or like-minded enthusiast who would like them.

Would you like to inherit the collection of BMW Magazines, or do you have a BMW story of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below: