BMW Group celebrated its centenary at its Munich Headquarters today! While it’s a golden opportunity to look back at how far we’ve come, we always have a firm focus on the future – join us as we look at our history and to the Next 100 Years of Mobility for BMW Group South Africa.

The brand

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (known to the man-in-the-street simply as BMW) has left a powerful legacy of excellence – with a fan base to match. The double-kidney grille and trademark blue-and-white propeller blade logo that has become the embodiment of luxury, had its genesis 100 years ago in 1916.

BMW Group is made up of three iconic brands in their own right. BMW (and Motorrad), MINI and Rolls Royce all share the group’s standard of superior manufacturing and quality. They are also supported by a host of tailored financial and mobility solutions, that set them apart from their counterparts in the automotive industry.


The people of BMW are connected by their pioneering spirit, which has ensured that the brand has grown exponentially, and from strength to strength over the past 100 years.

It is this same spirit of innovation that will see BMW moving into the next 100 years. More than just adapting to the environment, BMW has become somewhat of a trendsetter. With the emergence of the BMW i brand alone, we can see a decisive move towards the future of mobility, today.

Innovations made in electric and plug-in mobility, ConnectedDrive, EfficientDynamics and driver assistance have firmly cemented BMW as a global leader in the market – but also as an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand.

Vision Vehicles

As part of the historic occasion, BMW will unveil its vision vehicle for the BMW brand today (7 March 2016), to 2000 esteemed guests at the Munich Olympic Hall in Germany. It will mark the start of a global tour, which will see the vision vehicles for MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad joining the line-up as the tour moves from Beijing, to London and finally Los Angeles. These vision vehicles will also be featured in the BMW Group special centenary publication.

BMW South Africa

Plant Rosslyn was BMW’s first plant outside of Europe. Over the past 43 years, it has formed the backbone of a lasting commitment between BMW Group and South Africa, as a whole.

The plant, and by extension BMW Group South Africa, has enabled a long-term investment (R16-billion to date) in the country, its economy and its people.

From a limited production plant, Rosslyn was able to grow over the years into a major exporter of the BMW 3 Series. The hard work payed off in 2015, when the plant was awarded the prestigious JD Power Platinum Plant Quality Award.

Looking to the future, BMW Group has invested a further R6-billion in Plant Rosslyn – and in doing so, provided a major boost for the automotive industry and economy. With the addition of state of the art facilities, the plant is set to begin production of the next generation BMW X3.

Once again, demonstrating that BMW Group South Africa shares the spirit of the global BMW brand in always moving forward.

Getting involved

As a fan of BMW, MINI or BMW Motorrad, we invite you to celebrate 100 years of BMW with us.

Post a photo of your first BMW, MINI or BMW Motorrad motorcycle, with the correct hashtag (#MyfirstBMW, #MyfirstMINI or #MyfirstBMWMotorrad) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you could be one of the lucky weekly winners to experience the thrill of the track.

Find out more about the competition by clicking here.

What’s next for BMW?

Merging mobility and technology is the future, and this is the space that the BMW Group sees itself mastering in the next 100 years. What developments would you like to see from BMW in the coming years? Let us know in the comments below: