BMW Motorrad has partnered up with start-up company Rever in an effort to build a global community of motorcyclists. Now you can plan the most beautiful (or toughest) routes and ride them with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts.

Rever launched in 2015 and since then has tracked kilometres upon kilometres of motorcycle rides in 119 countries around the world. Rever is a free app that is available for iOS and Android that connects motorcyclists globally and is changing the way motorcyclists navigate.  The app works together with the Rever website so that riders can discover new and unchartered roads, track their rides as well as share it with others across social media platforms.  Now, motorcycling just got a whole more fun!


Rever not only connects a global community of motorcyclists. It also allows you to join groups and challenges, create your very own rides, copy and share rides, view maps offline, find friends and so much more.  You can download the app here:

Rever can be used anywhere in the world. And it gets better; Rever is compatible with other programs such as BaseCamp or MapSource so you can easily upload them onto Rever.  You can also convert your rides into a GPX files to use on a GPS device such as Garmin or TomTom.

Rever uses Butler Motorcycle Maps (the experts on motorcycle roads and destinations) which tells you which roads are better than others. Roads are colour coded so you can easily tell which roads are the ones you should be exploring:

  • Orange – good road
  • Red – better road
  • Gold – best road


You wouldn’t want to miss riding gold routes as these are the most memorable routes on the planet! Data is constantly updated so you will never miss out on the best routes.

Excitement from BMW Motorrad and Rever

“We see the future of motorcycling as a connected experience, one that has riders using the latest technology to enhance their rides and allow others to share their passion for riding,” said Heiner Faust, Vice President Sales and Marketing of BMW Motorrad. “Rever is offering a very promising mobile technology in our industry and we are very excited about the future business potential we see together with Rever.”

“Motorcyclists are extremely passionate, adventurous people,” says Justin Bradshaw, Co-Founder of Rever. “But we’ve lacked a motorcycle specific environment to share our passions, experiences and ideas. Working with BMW, we will bring innovative technology to the fore and make the entire motorcycle riding experience more accessible, more rewarding and more connected.”

Mark Roebke, Rever’s CEO and Co-Founder adds: “We are really excited to incorporate new technology to enhance the riding experience and grow the enthusiasm for motorcycling around the world.”

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