MINI recently launched a global marketing campaign, using virtual-reality (VR) to show fans an entirely different perspective. With two 360-degree short films, MINI has become one of the select few brands to take advantage of VR – can you say trendsetter?

In line with the recent rebrand, MINI has taken a completely new approach to marketing the brand. It’s about giving followers and fans something engaging and unexpected – and that’s exactly what the MINI 360-degree experience delivers.

With two 6-minute short films, entitled “Real Memories” and “Backwater”, MINI brings to life a visual, hyper-real style of storytelling that’s nothing short of an immersive experience.

The films were shot in Barcelona using a custom stereo rig with nine RED Dragon cameras offering a combined resolution of 14k. A custom 7 GoPro camera rig was developed specially for scenes inside the car. For more about the filmmaking, you can view the MINI how to video.

To get the full experience though, MINI fans and followers across more than 20 countries are invited to order their complimentary MINI Cardboard Viewers. You can order yours by visiting

The MINI Cardboard viewers are based on the new version of Google Cardboard and MINI plans to distribute more than 140,000 of them, free of charge, for the campaign.

Once you’ve ordered and picked up your viewer from a participating MINI dealer, all you have to do is navigate to the videos on YouTube, click the VR icon that appears onscreen, and pop your smartphone in the viewer.

Even if not for the MINI Cardboard Viewer, you can visit the campaign website for exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, trailers and more about the new MINI Connected features.

If you’ve had a chance to experience the films in 360-degree virtual reality, let us know how it was in the comments below: