In line with the innovative spirit of BMW, and the centenary celebrations this year, the BMW Museum has released an app that will treat visitors to a far more interactive, personalised touring experience.

If you’re planning a trip to the BMW headquarters in Munich, you’ll be happy to know that your experience will be a lot more interactive than previously possible – with the new BMW Museum app.

The app was developed for both Apple and Android devices. It allows users to celebrate 100 years of BMW by enhancing the museum experience through their smartphones.

Among the highlights, the app offers a personalised, engaging touring experience with guided audio commentary – in seven languages. It’s also free to download from either the Apple Store or Google Play.

Before you even arrive at the museum, the app will allow you to preview highlights from the history of Sheer Driving Pleasure. Once you’re there though, intelligent interactive technology really brings the exhibits to life. Whatever route you decide to take, the app provides in-depth descriptions as you move from room to room.

There’s a lot to see and experience too. The BMW Museum spans an incredible 5,000 square meters. And it’s just one part of the whole BMW Experience. The BMW Headquarters, BMW Welt and the BMW Group Plant are all situated within a close vicinity of one another – making for a multidimensional and truly interesting brand experience for any BMW fan.

The BMW Museum’s permanent exhibition area is divided into seven themed houses that tell an insightful story when it comes to the corporate and product history of the BMW brand. The exhibits include more than 120 of the most prestigious and important vehicles, motorcycles and engines from BMW.

Using the BMW Museum App, you can actually do your own tour through the houses, in any order you choose. In fact, you can even single out particular exhibits, topics and periods that you’d like to know more about – as you go. Commentaries on the app are also accompanied by images and videos – as well as an interactive map so you never get lost.

In this way, the app really is a testament to the future-thinking vision at BMW. It’s designed to bring fans of all ages closer to the brand than ever before – without the need for a guide. Users have instant access to the latest news and events, plus the app is linked to social media. This allows visitors to get around, stay in the loop, start conversations and share their impressions with the greater online community.

The BMW Museum App was officially launched earlier this year with all content available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. To download it click here for android, or click here for Apple.