The first ever all-female team is set to compete in the GS Trophy 2016, but the road to building the team was just as thrilling. Take a look at their journey, which is making history in the motorcycling community.

Since its inception, the GS Trophy event has enjoyed almost cult-like success. It draws riders and supporters from around the globe and offers fans of the GS motorcycle a taste of exactly what this kind of bike is capable of. The competition is also a chance for adventure, sampling different cultures, forging new friendships and of course the pure thrill of the challenge.

Apart from this being the first year that the GS Trophy competition will be hosted in Thailand, this year’s competition has something else distinctly new to offer fans. Among the 19 teams from all over the world, taking part in this year’s event, there will be an all-female team for this first time in GS Trophy History.

Finding the perfect all-female team

It started with over 100 applications, and then it was down to a jury to select 10 female riders to attend a special eliminator qualifier. In September of last year, these 10 women travelled to South Africa to compete in a 3-day long qualifier at the Country Trax Off-road Riding Academy, using BMW R 1200 GS bikes.

The challenges tested their limits and their resolve. Don’t let names like ‘Blindfold Cone’, ‘The Forest’ and ‘Up and Downs’ deceive you – these were not just games. In fact, the challenges were not only creative in their design, but extremely tough to beat.

This multi-national squad of ladies persevered and by the time they were sent to pack their bags and await the results, it was clear that each one of was a winner in her own right. With so many challenges completed and just about every kind of skill level tested, it was up to the judges to make the tough decision of which riders made the cut.

And then there were three…

France’s Stephanie Bouisson, emerged victorious with Australia’s Amy Harburg close behind. But the highlight for us was our very own Morag Campbell coming in 3rd and being able to represent South Africa as part of the first-ever female team at the GS Trophy 2016.

Morag was overwhelmed at being able to be a part of the experience and added, “I think I’m still in shock really to have made it to the final three. There are five months ahead of us now before the main event so I’ll be learning new skills on the GS and keeping in touch with Stephanie and Amy. It’s going to be awesome!”

Team South Africa

There will also be a South African Men’s Team competing for the title, and we’d like to wish Byron Coetsee, John Harris, Charl Moolman all the best in their pursuit of the ultimate title for a GS rider.

How do you think SA will fair against the competition, and what do you make of the first-ever, multinational, all-female team? Let us know in the comments below: