With the GS Trophy almost over, it’s the perfect time to go over some of the big attractions and a breakdown of this incredible competition, so that everyone is on the same page when the winning team  is announced. 

This year’s GS Trophy event was held in Thailand, for the first time. The competition kicked off on February 28, and will come to a close on the 5th of March.

In addition to beautiful beaches, Thailand boasted the perfect terrain for the event. The hilly ‘Golden Triangle’ region in Thailand´s Chiang Mai province gave riders the chance to experience a week in the rain forests, celebrating the international brotherhood of adventure motorcycling that’s so closely associated to the BMW R 1200 GS.

Tough Competition

“The GS Trophy is a truly international event for amateurs from around the world, very much following the principle of the Olympics,” explains BMW Motorrad’s organiser Mathias Horn. “The riders are everyday enthusiasts who through regional qualifiers have won their place in what will be an experience so rich and so exciting.”

This year proved to be the biggest yet with 57 riders in 19 teams (three riders per team) representing 25 nations from around the world. It was also the first time that team China and Southeast Asia compete. And of course, it’s the first year that the competition featured a multinational team of all-female riders. This is especially exciting for South Africa, considering that our very own Morag Campbell is competing in this team.

The Bikes

With all the hype about the location and competitors, the real star of the GS Trophy competition often gets overlooked – even with its name being in the title. We are of course taking about the motorcycles, the R 1200 GS to be precise.

The competitors are riding a fleet of identical specially-prepared 2016 BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles. “We’ve concentrated on equipping the bikes with what’s necessary to cope with the conditions in the GS Trophy,” says Markus Meissner from BMW Motorrad Aftersales. “Our bikes are already very well prepared as standard, and within the product range of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories we offer everything which is necessary to ride and master the GS Trophy.”

The special fleet is with aluminium enduro engine guards, steel crash bars, valve cover guards, headlight guards, wider endure footrests, adjustable footbrake levers and safety screws for the oil filler necks. All bikes are also running on Metzeler Karoo 2 tyres.

The Memories

As with previous years, the interactive photo is running in 2016 as well.

On days two and four of the GS Trophy 2016 the teams themselves are charged with submitting a photograph that represents their GS Trophy 2016 experience. They could be shots of team-mates, a spectacular landscape, maybe a unique aspect of local life – its the teams choice. Entries are also submitted without credits, to give the community of over 20,0000 voters a chance to vote for their favourite photos, instead of their favourite team.

Voting time was limited to just 18 hours on each occasion to make results available quicker. Even if you didn’t get a chance to vote, stay posted for the winning photos.

Catch up on the action

The public can  follow the GS Trophy through continuous updates on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram (#gstrophy) as well as on the website www.gstrophy.com. If you’ve been following the competition, let us know who would be on your GS Trophy dream team in the comments below: