Along with the new MINI Clubman, MINI unveiled its new branding at a world premiere which took place in Berlin on the 24th of June 2015. With a rich heritage and fan base to match, the branding overhaul was a major step for the brand.

What appears as a newly designed logo, new font and new visuals for the brand is actually the first step in reinventing the way people think about MINI. Sebastian Mackensen, head of MINI, emphasised: “Since its creation in 1959, the MINI brand has always stood for ideas, inspiration and passion. We want to continue the MINI success story and have refined our brand strategy and refreshed the brand’s visual identity.”

The strategy behind the overhaul

The global relaunch of the MINI brand is the most significant leap in brand identity since 2001, with a new corporate design effective immediately. The central idea is the combination of clear, emotionally-appealing design – with a focus on the essential.

In fact core messages and authentic communications are a major part of the new brand strategy. The new tonality will also help to reshape the brand, and bring it to life in the eyes of MINI customers everywhere.

Getting to know the new MINI

The new logo speaks volumes with its minimalistic, yet striking approach. It stands by itself, with no imitation of material or shape. The logo has been rendered into a 2D logo, although based on the 3D version, in order to preserve MINI’s high recognition value. The new MINI Serif font also speaks to the brand’s strong design orientation. There is quite a distinct contrast between tradition and modernity, while remaining easy to read and giving content the room it needs.

Letting the cars speak for themselves

The new CI and visuals are actually a carefully designed platform to showcase content and allow the MINI models to shine. Separate visuals and wording were developed for each of the five main models in order to highlight each of their unique characters – while still staying true to the MINI image overall. The first of these unique representations will be seen in the MINI Clubman, with more to follow.

Discover the MINI Clubman

With the release of the new MINI Clubman, the world is able to see the refreshed MINI brand come to life. The new MINI Clubman is urbane, with iconic design, high-quality materials and a focus on the most important functions for the customer.

Staying true to the car’s character, the MINI Clubman campaign tone is defined by simple elegance and high-end, authentic materials. It presents a confident design statement that works without headlines and lets the car speak for itself.

The MINI Clubman is seen in urban settings, with genuine backgrounds featuring unexpected elements. The sentiment of “go with your gut” can be seen throughout. It’s about using your intuition and as such, the campaign will explore new directions in its efforts to inspire customers and engage them in dialogue.

If you’ve had a chance to interact with the new MINI branded executions and campaigns, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below: