Fear not! The coupé-like BMW Concept X2 will soon fill in the gap and join the ranks of BMW’s SUV line-up.  The company’s very successful SUV segment includes the BMW X1, X3, X4, X5, and X6.

Sporting an urban appeal, the BMW Concept X2 was recently launched at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, which proved to be the star of the displays. It is easy on the eye with BMW’s iconic kidney grille and its aerodynamic stance giving it an all-round sporty look.  Slotting swiftly in between the BMW X1 and BMW X3, the BMW Concept X2 fills the remaining space in the expansive BMW X range line.

The Look. The Feel. The Body.

The new addition to the compact segment boasts a distinctive design that stands out from the other BMW X models. Its body language hints at urban and sporty charm with its low-slung proportions together with its robust stance which is typically BMW X.


Its bold and dominant posture is enhanced with large wheels, a long wheelbase, stretched roofline, and short overhangs. Characteristically, the BMW X range is voluminous and weighty.  But the darker cladding on certain areas cleverly disguises this for a slimmer and sleeker look.  The polished appearance is stretched further by the elongated roofline and slim windows which tapers towards the end creating an athletic shoulder section.


Brushed aluminium window frames gives the SUV an opulent glow while the frameless door glass provides a panoramic view from the side. The trademark Hofmeister kink in the window frame rounds off the dynamic interpretation while the BMW logo on the C-pillar provides the SUV with an unmistakeable detail.


The flanks of the BMW Concept X2 boasts muscular surfaces that hints at its athleticism coupled with large wheel arches to house 21-inch light alloy wheels. The striking double-spoke, bi-colour colour design on the rims accentuates the contrasting effects on the body of the SUV giving it dynamic appeal.  The tyre tread is thick and chunky pointing to the potential fun that the driver can experience off the beaten track.



The large, slanted windscreen seamlessly integrates into the dark panoramic roof. The contoured front-end of the BMW Concept X2 is voluminous and cleverly crafted hinting a cheeky grin of playfulness.

The double kidney grille and larger air intakes not only gives the front-end a low-slung look, it also allows for maximum air intake to allow for optimal performance. The front apron below the kidney grille is expansive to allow for cool air to enter the engine cavity for maximum output.  The familiar trapeze-shaped kidney grille has been turned on its head so that it widens from top to bottom further emphasising its solid stance.  The angled bars within the kidney grille sculptures the undisputable shark-nose design giving the car additional depth and dynamic verve.

The flat contours of the headlights wrap around to the side of the car creating a sleek and slim line feel in addition to enhancing the car’s mischievous look. The blue X in the centre of the hexagonal tubes on the headlights adds a nuance of design architecture which overtly hints to “X marks the spot”.



Making a powerful statement, the rear of the BMW Concept X2 is rounded off in distinctive style. The slim rear window and horizontal lines reduce the perceived height while the tapered sides creates smooth air flow along the car’s length as well as forms a powerful shoulder area that highlights the car’s broad and muscular demeanour.  The curve in the brake lights suggest intent of power and dynamic driving on any road.  Two large exhaust pipes are placed on the outer extremes of the car to further emphasise the car’s commanding posture.


The BMW logo is strategically placed around the vehicle. Most notably is the BMW logo on the sides of the car which are typical of BMW coupés from the past.

While the BMW Concept X2 is the sportier version of the BMW X1, be prepared to see it nearly everywhere you go. Do you think the BMW Concept X2 fills in the gap to perfectly round up the BMW X range?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.