Plant Wackersdorf in Munich, supplies BMW Group’s international assembly and production sited with car parts. It’s also the location of the BMW self-driving robot pilot project.

The self-driving robot project, which is currently running in the BMW Group’s Innovation Park at Wackendorf, will see a self-driving robot developed, tested and improved – in the field.

Getting around

The self-driving robot is flanked by radio transmitters and equipped with a digital map – allowing it to drive independently to its destination. It also has sensors to stop it from colliding with obstacles and people on the floor.

Innovating production

BMW is setting a trend in smart logistics, and looking for ways of moving our production into the future: “This innovation project makes an important contribution to the agility of the supply chain in Logistics and Production.” comments Dr. Dirk Dreher, Vice President of Foreign Supply at the BMW Group.

Green energy

The robot has sufficient battery capacity, as a result of the development experience with BMW i. By reusing batteries previously fitted in the BMW i3, it not only adds an element of sustainability to the project but more significantly, provide eight hours’ worth of energy – covering a full shift.

In the near future…

The pilot project is being transferred to series operations this year. With the planned modifications, which include 3D Camera system, the robot will be able to navigate and move more freely.

The new robot will also be deployed in more areas, and has the potential to vastly simplify production, making processes more efficient at BMW Group.