The all new BMW 5 Series features innovative engines, intelligent technology, lighter body and frame, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced dynamic drive making this sedan a prized business athlete like no other. With more evolution than revolution, this model’s changes run more than just skin deep.

With a muscular stance, sporty aesthetics, lighter body and impressive on-board technology, the all new BMW 5 Series is the ultimate business athlete.  Designers of this segment combined technologies from the BMW 3 Series and BMW 7 Series in engineering the seventh generation BMW 5 Series. It is now sportier yet still elegant.  And it’s set to grace our roads from March 2017.

Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG said: “The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series points the way to the future, as we have defined it with our NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy. We see technological leadership, emotionally rich products and digitalisation as essential factors in achieving success. With the expansion of our model portfolio in the large-vehicle classes, we are satisfying the wishes of many customers. I’m in no doubt that the new BMW 5 Series will set new benchmarks technologically, but also have huge emotional appeal. It remains the epitome of the business sedan,” says Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG.

Lightweight Body

Measuring a little over 4.9 metres in length, the all-new BMW 5 Series provides superior driving pleasure and unsurpassed aerodynamics with BMW EfficientLightweight design concept.

Lightweight was a key goal when the seventh generation BMW 5 Series was designed. The design features increased use of aluminium and high-strength steel which makes the vehicle 100kgs lighter than its predecessor.  The weight is evenly distributed with a new chassis and a low centre of gravity.  The all new BMW 5 Series stands right at the top of its class with a drag coefficient of 0.25 giving you less fuel consumption and improved agility.

The Engine

At the heart of it all, is the engine. The BMW 540i‘s impressive figures features 250kW of power and reaches 100km/h in only 5.1 seconds.  All thanks to the 3.0 litre straight-six TwinPower turbo technology.  Despite its extra output, the average consumption is 7.2l for every 100km and the CO2 emission is 164g/km.


The Special Synergy Thermoacoustic Capsule (SYNTAK) that encapsulates the engine provides a considerable noise reduction.

Automated Driving

The all new BMW 5 Series supports you in every situation – in critical moments (to avoid a collision with another car) as well as in less demanding times (such as when you are in slow-moving traffic or long, monotonous stretches). An optional feature is the stereo camera.  With the optional radar and ultrasound sensors around the car, these extras provides you with automated spatial awareness so that you are in control in any situation.

Other optional automated driving features are:

  • Active Cruise Control – With semi-automated driving between 0 to 210km/h, you can be relieved of acceleration, braking and steering control.
  • Evasion Aid – If a vehicle in front of you brakes abruptly, the car will change lanes quickly to avoid a front-end collision.
  • Active Lane Change Assist – Helps you to change lanes easily when driving on the highway.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist – Ensures that the car does not drift into other lanes.
  • Side Collision Avoidance – When the car detects a vehicle in its blindspot, the steering wheel will vibrate alerting you of the danger and will steer the car back into its original lane.
  • Crossing Traffic Warning – When nearing a crossroad, it warns you of a potential collision with crossing traffic.




Integral Active Steering gives you outstanding agility while driving, more stability when changing lanes and a smaller turning radius (combines the steering of the rear wheels with the variable steering of the front axle). In addition to the three driving modes (Sport, Comfort and EcoPro), there is a fourth mode in the new BMW 5 Series: the Adaptive mode. When the car is in this mode, it automatically adapts to your driving style and intuitively reacts to indicators such as steering wheel movement, speed and even the navigation system.

With Head-Up Display, basic information such as the speed, speed limit etc. appear on the windscreen. It also alerts you of potential hazards.

Like the BMW 7 Series, the all-new BMW 5 Series has a full-colour touchscreen display key that allows you to remotely park your car in tight spaces while you stand outside the car.


Exterior Design

The new active airstream kidney grille that has an opening and closing function that allows air flow to improve aerodynamics and helps reduce CO2 emissions.



The shoulder line is a true design innovation. It starts above the wheel arch and divides into two parts where the upper line ends in BMW’s iconic Hofmeister kink and the bottom line continues to join the tail lights.

The rear of the all-new BMW 5 Series focuses on width, giving it an athletic and sporty look and feel. The rear lights are broad, dynamically contoured and stretched into the sides of the car that further emphasises the car’s sportiness. Air curtains and breathers around the car help to keep the air moving as well as reduces lift at higher speeds.

Opulent Interior

The interior is a harmonious symphony of high-quality manufacturing that effortlessly blends sportiness and elegance.



The remarkable dashboard monitor is the first automotive touch interaction system in the industry to offer live content (maps, weather etc.) and the option to personally configure the setup. In addition to the touchscreen capability, you can use gesture control (to increase the volume) and voice assist (to make calls etc.).  The all-new BMW 5 Series offers full wireless integration of all your smartphone functions.

The ambient light package gives the interior a subtle glow which is the perfect atmosphere to listen to the excellent sound from the diamond sound system by Bowers and Wilkins.

The length of the car gives you ample legroom in the driver and passengers’ seats providing extensive comfort. The seats have a massage function with eight different massage programmes, each with three different intensity modes.  The seats can be adjusted to suit your comfort using touch sensors.  The boot space is generous with a 530 litre capacity that makes travelling effortless.





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