Oscar Winner, Joachim Back, recently partnered with MINI to bring the vision for the new MINI Convertible to life in the short film, “This Day Forward”. The film was released online and views are already stacking up on YouTube.

“This Day Forward” is not only a beautiful piece of cinema, but an exceptional way to launch the new MINI Convertible. In line with the new MINI brand identity, the focus on creating engaging, authentic and original executions when it comes to advertising new models can be seen in the film.

With “This Day Forward”, MINI has deliberately distanced itself from regular advertising media and set a new benchmark. It’s a response to the changing needs of their target group, for whom classic advertising is less and less relevant.

“This Day Forward”, which is the third phase of the MINI Convertible campaign, presented viewers with a very real question – reason or passion?

Protagonist Jake finds himself in such a situation. He has to decide whether to sell his record label in a deal worth millions or reject the offer and continue to pursue his dream in the music business. A total of three episodes, in which Jake relives the day of his decision, show how Jake gradually resolves to follow his heart. The film’s unique narrative mechanism, which reveals different facets and details of the story step by step, creates suspense and visualises the implications of Jake’s dilemma.

The message of the film relies on Jake’s relevant and authentic story to convey MINI’s core brand values of passion and a positive attitude to life in an emotional and contemporary way.

“This Day Forward” personifies in Jake both the MINI target group’s positive and cosmopolitan attitude to life and the character of the new MINI Convertible – freethinking and open-minded, with a zest for life. The car is seen moving effortlessly through the city, naturally standing out from the mundane scenery of everyday living.

Award-winning director Joachim Back, who won the Oscar for Best Short Film for “The New Tenants” in 2010, was the architect behind the camera. The Danish director’s experience with short films made him the ideal creative partner for MINI. With his ambitious cinematic aspirations and love of detail, his work for the MINI Convertible went far beyond the classic promotional film. His interpretation of the MINI Convertible’s character created something quite unique.

“By presenting the MINI Convertible attitude in a unique film, we are able to create a sustainable and authentic experience with an intensity that cannot be achieved in a regular ad”, explains Marc Lengning, head of MINI Brand Management at BMW Group.

The short film is the heart of the global MINI Convertible campaign. The campaign claim “Stay Open” symbolises the diversity of MINI’s target group. On a rational level, it highlights the possibility of driving the new MINI Convertible with the top down for even longer, thanks to new product features. On an emotional level though, it reflects the free-spirited attitude of its target group, which is always cosmopolitan and open-minded.

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