All-star appeal – and for good reason. The R 1200 R teaches us that classics never go out of fashion, but there’s always room to innovate. The R 1200 R is proof that a mix of heritage and contemporary design, modern technology, and a boxer legacy can all mix to make a gripping motorcycle.

Legendary engine

A 1200cc boxer engine powers the R 1200 R. This isn’t just any boxer though, as the new variety are cooled with liquid – and air. It’s far more efficient than in previous models, with the modified airbox and reshaped intake snorkels helping even further.

Although the origin of boxer engines is over 30 years old, it has proven to be the perfect starting point for smart innovation in the R 1200 R. In fact, in terms of power and capability, the engine in the BMW R 1200 R is as good as it gets.

Tech for safety

The BMW R 1200 R gives its rider the benefit of cutting edge technology to improve performance on the road, while increasing safety. Riders can switch between riding modes at the press of a button, and the optionally available traction control (DTC) puts this power effectively onto the asphalt. This means that come rain or shine, the weather won’t be a factor when it comes to riding safety and enjoyment.

Naked design

At a glance, the BMW R 1200 R is compact, tight and muscular – clearly setting it apart from its predecessors. The upside down telescopic fork based on the pattern of the S 1000 R not only gives this powerhouse a striking appearance but also ensures stability and precise handling. With the sharply drawn lines along the fuel tank and the seamless transition across the seat to the rear, this roadster has a look that perfectly matches the way it rides.

Endless possibilities

For the first time, the new R 1200 R is available not just in the basic paint finish but also in two additional style variants. Innovative features such as the preparation for the navigation unit with multi-controller, Shift Assistant Pro and Keyless Ride turn a sports-style roadster into a genuine all-rounder. There are also a range of painstaking details such as the milled hand lever and rider footrests or the crash bar in electropolished stainless steel. This leaves little to be desired in the way of customisation possibilities for both the aesthetics and functionality of the R 1200 R.

If the best of motorcycling history, met the best of modern day advancements – the R 1200 R would be a pretty good representation of it. The R 1200 R provides the nostalgic, classic, bare bones look of a roadster with technology that’s only just reached the market.

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