There is now a new home for BMW M:  After all, M is the most powerful letter in the world so it’s only fitting that a website is dedicated to the legendary range.

Dynamic details. Exhilarating power.  Superb handling.  Aerodynamic performance.  Effortless athleticism.  Unmatched agility and precision.  These are qualities that BMW M fans and drivers have come to appreciate.

19 videos that show how dynamic and powerful BMW is.

The website is dedicated to avid fans and drivers of a BMW M powertrain.  It features the full BMW M range with a user-friendly interface where you can intuitively navigate from one model to the next.

Each vehicle is listed with all details such as engine specifications, the history of the model, sound clips of the model for example when it starts up, starting with launch control, acceleration, reviews, wall papers and so much more.

And if you think that is too much of a good thing, it gets even better! You can also compare BMW M models to find the BMW M car that best suits you as well as read the latest BMW M-related news.

We can understand that it may be difficult to pull yourself away and get back to reality after being exposed to such power and dynamism. This site is both mobile- and PC-friendly, so you can browse this site anytime and from anywhere.

Did you know?

South Africans talk a lot about BMW M Power! In fact, we are second to the USA in terms of overall online conversation around BMW M vehicles and #MPower.  In South Africa, 1 in every 451 219 people are using #MPower while in the USA 1 in every 2 938 596 people are using #MPower.  So this means that South Africans generate 6.51% of #MPower for the same active users as the USA.

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