With over forty years of development, selling around 7.9 million units across its six generation-span, and each time getting sleeker and more aerodynamic, the all-new BMW 5 Series amplifies your driving experience.


In its seventh generation, the all-new BMW 5 Series is a technical and innovative masterpiece that even James Bond would (licence to) kill to drive. It delivers world-class leading refinement, unmatched driving assistance systems as well as superb comfort, which makes it the ultimate business athlete.

Watch the video below to familiarise yourself with all the innovative features of the all new BMW 5 Series.

Now more dynamic, sporty and innovative, this leading vehicle in its segment continues the remarkable success of its predecessors. “The seventh generation of the all new BMW 5 Series points the way into the future, as we have defined it with our NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy. We see technological leadership, emotionally rich products, and digitalisation as essential factors to achieve success.  With the expansion of our model portfolio in the large-vehicle classes, we are satisfying the wishes of many customers.  I’m positive that the all new BMW 5 Series will set new benchmarks technologically, but also have huge emotional appeal.  It remains the epitome of the business sedan,” says Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG.

Aerodynamic Body

 Cleverly contoured volumes and subtle edges create an impression with presence and sporting appeal in abundance. The all-new BMW 5 Series serves up its blend of elegance, sportiness and spaciousness in an even more sophisticated form.

It’s now 100 kgs lighter thanks to BMW EfficientLightweight design as well as the generous use of aluminium and high-strength steel. Even though it is just shy of 5 metres long, it sits lower on the ground giving it a sportier look.  With Integral Active Steering and a redesigned chassis that allows for an even weight distribution, providing an exceptional driving experience which BMW is renowned for.

Automated Driving and Drive Modes

 Numerous assistance systems are available in the all new BMW 5 Series for both critical (emergency stop) as well as in less demanding situations (long stretches, slow-moving traffic). Features such as Crossing Traffic and Lane Assist actively supports the driver to avoid hazards and potential accidents.  Standard stereo camera paired up with optional radar and ultrasound sensors monitor the space around the vehicle.


Optional Park Assist parks the car automatically while you are seated in the driver’s seat. While the optional Remote Parking system, as the name says, allows you to park the vehicle in a tight parking spot from outside the vehicle by simply using the display key.


Three driving modes are available – Sport, Comfort and Eco Pro. The Sport mode makes the vehicle more agile.  The Comfort mode as the name says, provides a more relaxed driving experience which is perfect for long-distance driving.  And the Eco Pro mode focusses on greater efficiency.


Now BMW offers a combination of these modes – the optional Adaptive mode. In this mode, the system automatically adapts to your driving style taking into consideration steering wheel movement, speed and acceleration.  A remarkable innovation of the Adaptive mode is that it interacts with the on-board navigation system.  The chassis control proactively and intuitively reacts to the bends and curves as well as surface of the road.  It adjusts to the driving situation so you gain the perfect balance between Comfort and Sport mode.


Personalised Content

BMW Connected Onboard will be launched with the all-new BMW 5 Series. It provides drivers with an overview of their mobility-related information.  Information such as upcoming navigation destinations and estimated time of arrival is recorded and transferred to the car from a smartphone and displayed on the screen.  Remote 3D View is a feature where you are able to monitor your vehicle as it provides you with three-dimensional views of the area around your car.  So you never lose sight of your car.

 The Interior

 The all-new BMW 5 Series offers ample leg room for driver and passengers for those long-distance drives. Seats have a massage function, touch sensors to shift the seat to your preference, and four-zone climate control with ionisation and subtle cabin fragrance.  Acoustic glazing on the windscreen and headliner reduces noise within the cabin considerably.  The interior is a harmonious symphony of high-quality manufacturing that combines sportiness and elegance.

It is equipped with the latest-generation iDrive system which displays navigation, telephone and entertainment on a high-resolution 10.25-inch screen. In addition, it displays vehicle functions such as tyre pressure and engine readings as well as warnings from the assistance systems.  It can be operated with hand gestures, voice commands or directly touching the screen.  Information is displayed in a tile-style and can be customised to suit your preferences.

The Exterior

 The exterior sports a new active airstream kidney grille improving the car’s aerodynamics. LED lights connect seamlessly into the signature BMW kidney grille.  The elegant crease line draws your attention to the sides and ends off neatly with BMW’s iconic Hofmeister kink in the rear.

The roof line mirrors the crease line and effortless flows from the front to the rear, allowing the all-new BMW 5 Series to be more aerodynamic. The rear lights extends and wraps around rear and into the sides of the car thereby creating a sleek and continuous flow of design.

You have to admit that attention to detail in the all-new BMW 5 Series is impeccable and makes a clear style statement that impresses everywhere it travels.

Watch Hollywood actor, Scott Eastwood outwit paparazzi with the all-new, all-encompassing, aerodynamically, and sporty BMW 5 Series.

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