Command any road with one of the BMW X models that reflects your character and lifestyle to a T.

Who says cars do not have a persona or character?  If they didn’t, we wouldn’t give them names like Chaucer, Mater, Elphaba or even Marilyn.  Nor would we refer to them fondly as “he” or “she” when we proudly speak about them to others.  But they do have character and its one that resonates from its owner – they are part of our personality.  Like shoes, your car can relay a story to someone about the kind of person you are such as your style, your lifestyle and preferences.

So, which BMW X model do you think suits you best?


Find your BMW X match by selecting a visual or sound clip that best describes you in terms of:

  • activities you like to engage in,
  • your style and how you define fashion by the choice if clothing you wear,
  • the type of work that you do,
  • where you are most likely to holiday, and
  • your socialising scene.

Click here to start the BMW X Profiler.  Once you find your match, take your perfect match for a test drive and experience pure perfection.